sandborn digital GmbH



Our vision

The top address for transforming industrial companies – with a pragmatic approach towards a digital future.

To achieve this goal, we attract talented people with the right approach, help them to unleash their expertise and character to the full, and foster a culture of openness and trust that motivates them to perform at their very best. These are the people who shape and make digital transformation possible for our customers.

Die Revolution einer Branche!

Our company culture

We view our employees as internal customers

Our leadership approach provides the ideal framework for people, content and processes – allowing outstanding expertise and personalities to unfold, and attracting talented people.

Our employees are given all the space they need to think independently and act on their initiative. Their work-life balance is tailored to their needs, with a focus on their mental and physical health.

We are forever firing up our teams with enthusiasm – a mindset that manifests itself in the outstanding work they do for our customers.

We are not a hierarchy!

We see our business as a group of people looking to add meaning to their skills and creativity. We embrace a culture of trust – and there are no hierarchies at our company.

Our small and flexible teams are encouraged to organise their work autonomously and make their own individual decisions. After all, they are the best judges of what drives our customers and our company forward.

By working directly towards our shared vision, our employees are truly part of something special. Everyone is invited to play a role in shaping how we work as one towards our common goal, as well as to broaden their perspectives and pass on the knowledge they gain to our customers.

We are open-minded with a goal-oriented, pragmatic approach

Successful projects don’t follow a rigid plan. They develop over time thanks to open interaction between customers, providers and competitors. It’s a principle that is embraced across our entire company. We inspire, present, improve and implement whatever it takes to make our customers’ work possible or easier. This ultimately allows us to achieve our shared goals more swiftly and more successfully.

When it comes to the progress of a project, we guarantee our customers full transparency – not least with the option of digital inspection. We value a pragmatic approach and a focus on objectives rather than rigid dashboards, traffic-light systems and KPIs. In the worst case, the latter can distract from what’s most important, costing unnecessary time and money.

We have an open mind towards alternative solutions and other providers on the market. Because we know that solving our customers’ challenges quickly, successfully and cost-effectively is about being just one piece in a powerful and flexible ecosystem. We do not claim to want to do everything ourselves; instead, we apply our full expertise to deploying and extending commercially available technologies in an industrial setting. Users and their actual needs are always the primary focus of our efforts.