sandborn digital GmbH



Successful and sustainable business with digitalisation!

We want to design digitalisation processes that benefit people and the environment – processes that enable industry to transform the planet’s raw materials into safe, top-quality products that ensure economic success for many years to come.

That’s why we focus on the most promising areas of digitalisation – on the topics that industry needs to achieve this goal. We show our customers the shortest and most accessible paths to reaching these objectives, starting from where they are today.

Making sand a viable resource for future generations – with digitalisation.

Sand is the raw material of digitalisation. Without silicon, we wouldn’t have the huge numbers of semiconductors, computer chips and solar modules that supply us with sustainable energy.

It takes countless storms, heavy rain showers and pounding waves to turn rock into sand. Sand is wasted in unimaginable quantities and is becoming a scarce resource.

With the help of digitalisation, we are working to overcome our planet’s growing shortage of sand – and we’re mapping out the paths and means to be economically successful in the process.

Since the very beginning, we have been working on our company's mission, from which we even named ourselves. We will report on the progress made in due course, but for now:

Digitalisation is born of sand – we are sandborn!