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We bring a breath of fresh air to your Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)!

Regardless of whether you’ve been using these systems for years or you’re just getting started.

A number of people from various disciplines will support you in this goal – specialists who have come together to form our digitalisation crew.

Software revampers

Has your PLM system landscape become a little rigid and brittle over the years? Does it lack a little in profile? Then it’s time for a revamp!

Software flexibilisers

Adapt your PLM systems’ range of features and create the foundations for them to be scaled easily according to your needs.

Bottleneck openers

Remove bottlenecks in your PLM software and IT in a cost-effective and resource-friendly way.

Product-data defenders

Support your in-house activities for protecting confidential information from attack. Because one thing is certain: some people are just longing to get their hands on your product data.

User-happiness providers

Keep your users happy in their daily work – and they’ll thank you by making more out of your software investments and using them more intensively.

Variant tamers

Make your company rock the show with product variants! But you’d better know where they came from and where they are now: otherwise, they could turn into deadly predators.

Topic tacklers

Are your PLM projects lacking the right approach, strategies or arguments? Open up all the doors to your successful PLM project by making it attractive and easy to use for IT, specialist departments or management.

Standard software adapters

So you’ve chosen a standard PLM solution – and now you’re wondering which path to take going down the rabbit hole? And without rushing back and forth or senselessly digging new passageways in the process?

User-headache healers

There’s one thing your users certainly don’t need: frustration in the day-to-day use of their software. Cure your users’ headaches with a balanced wellness programme and all-around care package.


Healthcare & Life Sciences
Aerospace & Defence
Electric & Electronic
Mechanical and plant engineering
Transport & Logistics
Consumer goods
Energy & Renewables

We feel particularly at home in technically complex business and product environments, including where products are critical to safety and security. Noteworthy examples are in aerospace, mechanical and plant engineering, energy technology and medical technology. Our teams also have project experience in sectors that focus on B2C products – for example in the leisure industry, white goods and the electronics sector, to name just a few.

We see great potential for considerable success in the process, pharmaceutical and construction industries by applying findings from Industry 4.0 – with manageable effort and expense along with low risk. It’s a mindset that we embrace every day, and one that is exemplified by our company vision.